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funny picture cool

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funny picture cool

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1Anonymous,48 weeks ago
2Anonymous,48 weeks ago
and you also gave that shitty gif five stars retard
3Anonymous,48 weeks ago
its 3 1/2 now :3
4troll system,47 weeks ago
+49641 / 2 88 22
5Anonymous,47 weeks ago
omq dat turk when i called
6Anonymous,46 weeks ago
reached the end of lolpics here
7Anonymous,45 weeks ago
8Philip Dirb, was da los bei dir?,44 weeks ago
lolpics is dead
9Anonymouse,44 weeks ago
I dont even like the lolpics anymore. Only reCAPTCHA makes me laugh... :(
10Anonymous,44 weeks ago
#9 is gay
11Anonymous,44 weeks ago
Can someone please shut this site down? It is a waste of domain space.
12Anonymous,44 weeks ago
Can someone please shut Anonymous #11 down? He/she is a waste of space.
13Anonymous,44 weeks ago
But he aint wrong
14Anonymous,44 weeks ago
dio cane
15Anonymous,44 weeks ago
I hate to say it, but man, this site is dead.
16Anonymous,44 weeks ago
dead and gay!
17Anonymous,44 weeks ago
The last lolpics entry is a fitting end. It all comes tumbling downhill, skids to a halt, stagnates
and sinks.
18Anonymous,43 weeks ago
RIP lolpics 2001-2013
19Anonymous,43 weeks ago
I'm jerking off to this and you can't stop me.
20Anonymous,43 weeks ago
It has been a good time with lolpics, but no thing can last forever...
21Anonymous,43 weeks ago
@the guy above me. This site is deffinately dieing.... sad to see it go but if there were more
people who post instead of griping in the comments then i think this could still work.
22Anonymous,43 weeks ago
for this site to work, you need people to moderate it. Last few months, all you could see were the
same pictures over and over again. Even when clicking randomly, you always ended up on the same
pictures. This killed it imo.
23Anonymous,42 weeks ago
Hey Leute schaut euch das an! Das BESTE Onlinebrettspiel was es gibt!Laded euch das game und added
mich "RisingPhantom", und ich gebe euch sofort 3 Erz !
24Anonymous,42 weeks ago
#23 fuck off we're mourning here.
25Anonymous,41 weeks ago
I keep coming here everyday... I don't know what I'm expecting.
26Anonymous,41 weeks ago
#25 same here
27Anonymous,41 weeks ago
I think lolpics is dead
28Anonymous,41 weeks ago
RIP lolpics
29Anonymous,41 weeks ago
maybe someone should create a similiar site, i have no idea how or got the will to do so and 9fag is
30Anonymous,41 weeks ago
31Anonymous,41 weeks ago
#19 Me too, last pic on lolpics.
32Anonymous,41 weeks ago
RIP in peace lolpicks
33Anonymous,41 weeks ago
1-32 SameFag
34Anonymous,40 weeks ago
#32 failed on so many levels
35Anonymous,40 weeks ago
Funnyjunk.com tends to have too many morbid and things that one can't unsee, that won't work either.
36Anonymous,40 weeks ago
why do i still go here every day?
37Anonymous,40 weeks ago
#34 i lol'd
38Anonymous,40 weeks ago
The domain expires on the 8th of December, Goodbye lolpics.
39Anonymous,40 weeks ago
someone need to make a video of how lolpics used to be and like shuffle through some old pics the
first memes and stuff with a sad music track playing(the track can be from mass effect Leaving
Earth) i think it will fit the funeral of lolpics..goodbye its been nice all these years
40Anonymous,40 weeks ago
41Anonymous,40 weeks ago
Remember remember the 8th of December.
42Anonymous,40 weeks ago
43Anonymous,40 weeks ago
44Anonymouse,40 weeks ago
I like the repost. They are the funniest lolpics. Also reCAPTCHA makes me laugh
45Anonymous,40 weeks ago
Why is lolpics still online?
46Anonymous,40 weeks ago
#44 reCAPTCHA is just number now. Pretty sad if that makes you laugh.
47Anonymouse,39 weeks ago
#46 i know.... :(
48Anonymous,39 weeks ago
49Anonymous,39 weeks ago
<script> alert("hola") </script>
50Anonymous,39 weeks ago
reCAPTCHA died. Just like lolpics
51Anonymous,39 weeks ago
This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: Huge success.
52Napo,39 weeks ago
I'd fuck that
53Anonymous,39 weeks ago
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
54Anonymous,39 weeks ago
55anymouse,39 weeks ago
56Anonymous,38 weeks ago
57Anonymous,38 weeks ago
Aperture Science
58Anonymous,38 weeks ago
the cake is a lie
59Anonymous,38 weeks ago
we do what we must because we can
60Anonymous,38 weeks ago
61Anonymous,37 weeks ago
For the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead.
62Anonymous,37 weeks ago
I started hunting through the random pics in school. WATCH THE ADS!
63Anonymous,37 weeks ago
Can I buy lol pics? I would just improve it a little like add image moderation and remove the porn
ads. Where should I go for that?
64Anonymous,37 weeks ago
#63 is gay
65Anonymous,37 weeks ago
Hey niggers!
66Anonymous,36 weeks ago
ey frieder.... SCHLECHT!
67Anonymous,36 weeks ago
Well at least we still have fatpita.net
68I pked bin laden,36 weeks ago
11 weeks ago fuk
69Anonymous,35 weeks ago
RIP lolpics
70Anonymous,35 weeks ago
Get Rid of the Porn ADS
71Anonymous,35 weeks ago
72Anonymous,35 weeks ago
I agree with #70 and 71 needs to put in a comment
73Anonymous,35 weeks ago
Wrong Captcha
74Anonymous,35 weeks ago
I agree with #62 and 63
75Anonymous,35 weeks ago
hahaha so funny picture
76Anonymous,34 weeks ago
site dead
77Anonymous,34 weeks ago
78Adolf Hitler,34 weeks ago
Where are you Eva? Im searching you. Also #79 is wrong.
79Anonymous,34 weeks ago
#78 is right
80Anonymous,34 weeks ago
FIRST!! Also, reCAPTCHA is still letters
81Anonymous,34 weeks ago
#78 #79 samefag
82Anonymous,34 weeks ago
#78 #79 #81 samefaggityfaggit
83Anonymous,34 weeks ago
#80 Failfag
84Anonymous,34 weeks ago
RIP in peace lolbics
85Die you piece of shit site,33 weeks ago
Lolpics gonna die tomorrow, I'll miss you fags with your "First" and
"Schmügelflügel" Shit. RIP in pieces Lolpics
86Fuck you #85,33 weeks ago
Why is it not dead yet
87Fuck you too #86,33 weeks ago
I don't know
88Anonymous,33 weeks ago
#38 was wrong...#100 is wrong, too
89Anonymous,33 weeks ago
Shut down this horrible, outdated site.
90Anonymous,33 weeks ago
the comments still go on!
91Anonymous,32 weeks ago
This is not the last comment. Lolpics shall rule again! Go communism! Fuck niggers. Fuck AIDS. Fuck
92NO FUCK YOU #87,32 weeks ago
932slim4gym,32 weeks ago
new picture soon?
94Anonymous,32 weeks ago
porco dio
95SauceBau5,31 weeks ago
Anyone remember the fagtard the made lolpics get the reCAPTCHA faggotry?
96Anonymous,31 weeks ago
I uploaded a new pic why did troll system not put it up?
97Penismonster,30 weeks ago
Well then.... This is HAWKWARD +20 points to gryffinderp
98Anonymous,30 weeks ago
first in 2014
99Anonymous,30 weeks ago
I actually liked this site... a bit sad. Happy New Year :) ( I am not totally drunk)
100Anonymous,30 weeks ago
this site isn't dead, I trust it will come back and beacome what it once was.
101Fuck you the most #92,30 weeks ago
This site wouldn't be dead, if trollsystem would do his fucking job
102Its 3am on a school night,30 weeks ago
The front page culd at least be tits, trollsystem do that at least. For the sake of the site!
103Anonymous,30 weeks ago
#102 was me!
104Anonymous,29 weeks ago
Guise listen.... trollsystem is died in a carcrash the siate is ded
105Anonymous,29 weeks ago
did he died?
106johny boy,29 weeks ago
I'm thinking this GIF is trollsystem's vacation or somthing.
107Anonymous,29 weeks ago
That's a nice vacation, lasting 18 weeks at least
108Anonymous,29 weeks ago
Hey guys I really miss this site. I used to come here weekly to check out the couple of new images
posted. Sure, sometimes it was shit, sometimes it was reposts, but this was my place. My place to
laugh. My place to say "first" even though I'm the 13th comment. My place to say
"first to say first!" My place for shmugelfugel. And now that's being taken away from me,
and damn it I'm mad.
109Anonymous,29 weeks ago
Lol #107
110Rose,29 weeks ago
Come back, come back
111Anonymous Moderator,29 weeks ago
#76 is wrong
112Anonymous,29 weeks ago
#76 and #111 are samefag
113Dolan,28 weeks ago
lyke if u mis lulpex
114Anonymous,28 weeks ago
Fuck you 113
115#38,28 weeks ago
#38 Here, Owner renewed the site for another year, not sure why though If he doesn't intend to fix
116#88,28 weeks ago
#88 here...how do you know? btw captcha :captain chhelpt, reporting for duty
117Anonymous,27 weeks ago
#115 maybe it was set to auto-renew. So he forgot to cancel and got charged for another year
118FIRST!,27 weeks ago
119Anonymous,26 weeks ago
120Anonymous,25 weeks ago
121Anonymouse,25 weeks ago
I like the repost. They are the funniest lolpics. Also, reCAPTCHA makes me laugh.
122Anonymous,24 weeks ago
Whats going on?
123Anonymous,24 weeks ago
going on whats?
124Anonymous,24 weeks ago
on whats going?
125Anonymous,24 weeks ago
whats on going?
126Anonymous,24 weeks ago
Fuck off samefaggits
127#125 here,24 weeks ago
nope, i swear im not #124...i randomly checked this site and saw #124 wrote 4 min ago
128Sam I Am,23 weeks ago
So, like, It's 3am, I have a paper due in 6 hours, I havent even started yet. So I go onto this site
hoping that one day the owner will get his shit strait and give me a reason to be procrasturbating.
At least some more pictures so I can keep wandering around on the internet.
129Anonymous,23 weeks ago
reddit.com people
130Anonymous,22 weeks ago
131Anonymous,22 weeks ago
fuck off 129, reddit is a cesspool of terrible people thinking they are superior to everyone else
based solely on some mental defect they all seem to share.
132Anonymous,20 weeks ago
Are we there yet?
133Anonymous,20 weeks ago
usually takes a crane to get it out
134Anonymous,20 weeks ago
It takes a crane
135Anonymous,19 weeks ago
It takes a nigger
136Anonymous,19 weeks ago
I recommend that we move to ytmnd its basically this but better
137Anonymous,18 weeks ago
nah everybody should go to 9gag, it's the funniest site ever. 9gagarmy unite!
138Anonymous,17 weeks ago
No keep the newfags out of 9gag
139Anonymous,17 weeks ago
RIP in peace lolpics
140Anonymous,16 weeks ago
141Anonymous,16 weeks ago
142troll system,16 weeks ago
guys, it is official, lolpics will go offline 10.04.2014. have a great time and troll anywhere else
143Anonymous,16 weeks ago
#142 is idiot
144suck..,16 weeks ago
What happend? Why did this page die?
145Anonymous,16 weeks ago
Negrer är också människor, människor som har känslor. Men dom är kanske lite vilda och svåra
att utbilda.
147JL^^,16 weeks ago
This website used to suck, and it still does. Anyone remember me? Back when I was a skiddie who just
learned to code bash? :) Good times...
148Anonymous,15 weeks ago
#142 true, true...this comment was written on 11.04.2014
149JL^^,15 weeks ago
http://lolpics.se/9574-get-a-life-jl >inb4 GTFO JL
150Anonymous,14 weeks ago
151ginofgan,14 weeks ago
How might one go about buying this site?
152Spodermen,14 weeks ago
Spodermen, Spodermen, dus wut evr a spoder can. faps at webz any siez, cathces shit jus liek flies.
Lok out, heer coems teh Spodermen.
153Anonymous,14 weeks ago
Nice! I just got a Minecraft card code for FREE! :D http://freeminecraftgiftcode.net
154REAL troll system,13 weeks ago
lol'd at #142! gj. well site will continue till this bank account is empty...something around may it
will get down
155TheNerd,13 weeks ago
REAL troll system: Why don't you upload a new picture with this info to prove that you are the real
troll system?
156The REAL REAL troll system,12 weeks ago
lol'd at #154 - gj faggot. The real story is that all the moderators have been inactive for a looong
time, but we will be back soon!
157guys. fuck off,11 weeks ago
guys, troll system here, just fuck off and maybe submit some pics? because thats the reason the site
is down LOL
158Trolololo system,11 weeks ago
159trollsystem,11 weeks ago
faggits, just leave the goddamn site you fucking turds
160Anonymous,11 weeks ago
#159 you're not even my real mom!!!
161Anonymous,11 weeks ago
#162 chokes dick
162Anonymous,11 weeks ago
163Anonymous,10 weeks ago
#161 #162 Same faggitry
164trollsystem,10 weeks ago
Did I ever tell you about the time I sucked that juicy cock?
165Anonymous,10 weeks ago
did he dieded?
166Anonymous,10 weeks ago
is he kill?
167Anonymous,9 weeks ago
>imply 4chan here
168Anonymous,9 weeks ago
169Anonymous,8 weeks ago
eheheheheheh ehehehehhehehehh eheheheheheeh ahahahah ahahahah!!! LOL!
170Anonymous,8 weeks ago
Is the system trolling us right now? WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PICS?!
171Anonymous,5 weeks ago
please fix euw
172NiggerRapist,4 weeks ago
I have a nice ass hygiene
173Anonymous,3 weeks ago
#172 and #173 = samefag
174notsamefaganymore,3 weeks ago
^goddamn, you are retarded
175Anonymous,3 weeks ago
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will get your code free!! VISIT, DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY BETTER GAME!
176Anonymous,2 weeks ago
177samefagagain,2 weeks ago
I wrote #174 and now I'm back again
178ginofgan,2 weeks ago
Its a shame this site dosnt have a chatbox or anything of that sort
179Anonymous,2 weeks ago
I don't want to chat to any of you retards!
180Anonymous,2 weeks ago
181Anonymous,2 weeks ago
how long will this go on?
182Anonymous,2 weeks ago
Until this site shuts down on Aug 1st.
183ginofgan,1 weeks ago
Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who checks up on this site once a week...
184Anonymous,1 weeks ago
eet een lul #183
185Anonymous,1 weeks ago
I'm #6 and im sad
186Anonymous,1 weeks ago
It's a special retarded place in the interweb #183
187Anonymous,1 weeks ago
Only one week left dudes, let's have a going away party!
188Anonymous,2 days ago
i cannot wait for the shutdown. Finally I'll be freed of this curse to have to check this site every
now and then (i.e. daily)
189ginofgan,20 hours ago
I'm so sad the site will be down later...
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